Cardiac Services


Echocardiogram (Echo)

An ultrasound of your heart with high frequency sound waves

Agitated Saline Bubble Echocardiogram

Agitated Saline Bubble Echocardiogram

An ultrasound of your heart with the addition of saline bubbles


Exercise Stress Echocardiography

An echocardiogram performed before and after exercise (walking on a treadmill)


Exercise Stress Test

Assessing how your heart, lungs and blood vessels responds to exercise walking on a treadmill.



Records the electrical rhythm of the heart 

Holter Monitor

Holter Monitor

Records the electrical activity of your heart over 24 hours.


24 hour BPM

24 hour Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitor (ABPM)

Blood pressure monitor worn during the day and overnight taking measurements every 30 minutes.

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